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UCOST - Objective of the Council

  1. To act as a nodal agency for the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.
  2. To advice Government of policies and measures necessary to promote utilization of science & Technology for the achievement of the socio-economic objectives.
  3. To identify area in which science and technology can be utilized.
  4. Technology demonstration/extension and transfer.
  5. To initiate, support, promote and coordinate such research and development projects and programmes (including demonstration projects as are likely to be relevant to the achievement of specific objectives and problems and help in the fruitful exploitation of the natural resources of the State.
  6. To establish, or assist in the establishment of infrastructure (institutions, Organisations etc ) necessary to Science and Technology to further the efforts of the State.
  7. To prepare Science and Technology plans and formulate research and development programmes, examine such programmes if received from other institutions and finance and / or aid such projects by means of grants and supply of materials.
  8. To promote the popularization of Science and the spread of a scientific temper and attitude amongst the people of the State and to disseminate scientific knowledge.
  9. To take all such measures which are likely to accelerate the process of modernization in Uttarakhand through the use of Science & Technology.