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For R&D Projects



This section contains all the forms/application/Proforma for grants and funding to R&D section provided by UCOST

Terms & Conditions of the Grants


  1. Approval of the research proposal and the grant being released is for the specific project sanctioned and should be exclusively spent on the project within the stipulated time. The Institute is not permitted to seek or utilize funds form any other organization (Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous or Private Bodies) for this research project. Any unspent balance out of the amount must be surrendered to the U-COST through Demand Draft in favor of Director General, Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology Uttarakhand.
  2. For permanent, semi-permanent assets acquired solely or mainly out of the grant, an audited record in the form of register in the prescribed proforma ( Annexure- II) shall be maintained by the Institute.
    The term 'assets' means :
    • mmovable property
    • movable property of a capital nature, where the value exceeds Rs. 1000/-.
    The Institute is required to send to the Council of Science & Technology a list of assets acquired form the grant. The grant shall not be utilized for construction of any building unless specific provision is made for the purpose
  3. All the assets acquired form the grant will be property of the U-COST should not, without the prior sanction of the U-COST, be disposed off, or encumbered or utilized for purposes other that those for which the grant had been sanctioned.
  4. At the conclusion of the project, the U-COST will be free to sell or otherwise dispose off the assets which are the property of the Government. The Institute shall render to U-COST necessary facilities for arranging the sale of these assets. The U-COST has the discretion to gift the assets to the Institute or transfer them to any other Institute if it is considered appropriate.
  5. The Institute will furnish Annual Progress Report of the work on the project. In addition, the U-COST, may designate scientists/ specialists to visit the Institute periodically to review the progress of work and for suggesting suitable measures to ensure realization of the objectives of the project. During the progress of the project, the Institute will provide all facilities to the scientists/specialists by way of accommodation, etc. On completion of the project three copies of a final consolidated Project Completion Report on the work done on the project should be sent to the U-COST.
  6. The Institute will furnish to the U-COST a statement of accounts along with the Progress Report, at the time of seeking further Installment of the grant. Carry forward of unspent funds to the next financial year for utilization for the same project may be considered only with the specific approval of the U-COST.
  7. The Institute will furnish to the U-COST, Utilization Certification and an audited Statement Accounts pertaining to the grant immediately after the end of each financial year. The Institute will maintain separate audited accounts for this project. The amount of grant in aid will be kept in a Saving Bank Account earning interest. The amount earned out of the funds will be added to the project account.
  8. Investigators wishing to publish papers based on the research work done under U-COST project should acknowledge the assistance received form the U-COST indicating the name of the Scheme. Investigators are also requested to publish some of the research papers emerging out of the Project in leading national journals.
  9. The Institute may not entrust the implementation of the work for which grant is being sanctioned to another Institution and to divert the grant receipts as assistance to the latter institution. In case the Institute itself is not in a position to execute or complete the project, it may be required to refund forthwith to the U-COST the entire amount of grants-in-aid received by it.
  10. The staff that may be employed for the project by the Institution are not to be treated as employees of the U-COST and the employment of such staff at the time of completion or termination of the project will not be concern /responsibility of the U-COST. They will be subject to the administrative control and service rules, as applicable to them (leave, TA, DA, etc.) of the Institute where the project is based. For the expeditious implementation of the research project, the investigator-in-charges will take the assistance of the concerned Institute in the process of selection and appointment of staff and payment to them. In case of any special posts, the pay may be decided by the U-COST.
  11. The U-COST reserves the right to terminate the grant at any stage, if it is convinced that the grant has not been properly utilized or appropriate progress is not being made. *
  12. The project will become operative with effect form the date on which the grant is received by the institute. The date will be intimated by the Institute to the U-COST. It will, in no case, be later than one month after the receipt of the draft by the Institute.
  13. If the principal Investigator to whom a grant for a project has been sanctioned wishes to leave, the institution where the project is based, the Institute /Investigator will inform the same to the U-COST and, in consultation with the U-COST, the institute shall evolve, steps to ensure successful completion of the project before relieving the principal Investigator.