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Himalayan System Science

Himalayan System Science

ucostThe state has distinct geomorphological attributes & some of its features like high attitude ecosystem, tari-agro systems, glaciers, pastures, bio-diversity & lakes are unique & needs urgent attention for the conservation & development.

The council aims to support all such R&D programs which focus on above issues.
Following programs are under taken :

  • Natural Resources Management
  • Bio-logical diversity conservation
  • Conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Glaciology and protection of lakes

Natural Resource Management

Biological Diversity Conservation
This programme aims to document and bio-prospect biodiversity on priority basis. Various R&D programmes to conserve rich flora and fauna forming integral part of Himalayan ecosystem will be supported.

Conservation of Medicinal Aromatic Plants Glaciology and Protection of Lakes
This scheme will give emphasis to Earth Resources and Environment like Himalayan Glaciers-Slope Stability, receding of glaciers and Rivers and Geohazards.

Other StudiesThis includes following
Tectonophysics-origin of Himalayan-Seismicity-Landslides; Lithospheric Studies; Biostraitigraphy-Herbs; Crustal Evolution in the Trans-Himalayan region; Monsoon - Atmospheric Turbulence; Interaction between Atmospheric, Climatic, Hydropheric, Glacial Processes; Lithospheric Processes ; Kumaon Systems - Geohazards; Geoecology - Science of Polygenic and three-dimensional geological components and effects upon ecological characteristics. Geochemical barriers, Anomalies, and Accumulations, Relation between Geogenic and technogenic pollution.